Are you a woman looking to improve your posture but not sure what to do?

One of the many things that you’ve probably heard is that a posture correcor can help you correct your bad posture. 

The real question you need to ask yourself before you decide on wearing one of these items is if you are really looking for posture improvement or if you need to fix your back pain.

The two can go hand in hand, but you need to set genuine expectations if you are going to achieve the results you want.


Yes, a posture corrector can improve your posture.

But more importantly, it can go a long way to relieving you of your non-stop back and shoulder pain.

It will not cure the underlying condition on its own, but can provide you with the support you need while you put in the work to strengthen those muscles and fix your condition for good.

Many larger, or plus size women are the main group that experience this chronic back pain.

It is mainly due to the fact full figured women typically have larger breasts.  Although a lot of people would look on this as a ‘gift’, any woman that you talk to that has larger breast size will tell you it is often a problem as well.

The added weight that large breasts can put on the back and neck muscles can lead to a life long dealing in pain.  Most women don’t have the muscle strength necessary to support these types of large breasts and common women’s bras don’t provide the additional support needed.


To accommodate for the stress that larger breasts put on the muscles the best bet is to go and look for a posture bra.

The are specifically made to provide additional support for a large chest and take the weight off the shoulders.

The large back band on most of these items is enough to change the effects of the added weight.  However most go further and add even more lift and support.

Can an upper back brace really improve your posture?

YesPsychology Articles, they can.  However it is their many other benefits that makes this type of woman’s lingerie a real gem.

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